Competitor Information

The Championship Schedule will be provided in your Qualification Pack and is also available to download. 

Downloadable Championship Schedule - click here.

Below is some useful information; however, it is important that all competitors read the General Rules and Regulations within the Schedule.

Vaccination Certificate

All horses at the Championships must have a current and valid certificate of vaccination against Equine Influenza. There will be random checking of certificates and any horse found without a valid certificate will not be permitted to remain at the Championships.

Competitor Access to the Showground

Horses may arrive in the show ground from 12 noon on Wednesday 18 September and the Horsebox Entrance will close at 11pm. The Horsebox Entrance to the showground will be open from 6am – 11pm on show days. Outside these hours the entrance will be opened for emergency access only. Horses requiring stabling must arrive on the show ground before 7pm. All competitors must have the correct passes to access the show ground. Should any competitor be delayed, they must contact the Stable Manager on 07779 788014.

The Stable Managers Office will open at 7.00am and close at 7.30pm each day.  

Only horseboxes/trailers bringing horses and/or ponies intending to compete at the Championships will be admitted to the showground.


Temporary plastic stabling (3m x 3m) will be available on the showground. Stables must be booked on the National Dressage Championships Stabling Form and paid for in advance with your entry to The Secretary. Prices and conditions are on the official stable form.

It is understood by Competitors that horseboxes / trailers may be parked some distance from the stables and that it may not be possible to park competitors who have more than one horsebox / trailer at the Championships in the same location.

Stable hire is from 3pm - 3pm (access from 12 noon on Wednesday 18 September). Occupants are advised that stables must be vacated on time so that incoming horses may be stabled. Your co-operation in leaving stables promptly and clean will be appreciated. Stables should be skipped out and left clean and tidy ready for the following occupant. Lighting is not provided within the stables. Any damage caused to stables will be charged to the hirer. Hay and haylage are not available to purchase on-site.

Stable Bedding

Although bedding may be in the stable allocated to the Competitor from previous occupants, no bedding whatsoever is provided with the hire of the stable. Bedding may be purchased from the Stable Managers Office between 10.00am and 7.00pm. Straw is not permitted in stables.

Horsebox Electrical Hook-up

Competitors competing at the Championships may book electrical hook up for their horsebox in advance by contacting Stoneleigh Park Lodge Hotel on 02476 690 123.

Car access to the show ground

Cars without passes must be parked in the public car park and will not be permitted entry at the Horsebox Entrance or Public Pay Gates. Cars with Competitor Car / Lorry Passes must be parked in the designated car park and will not be permitted in the stable area or horsebox parking area.

Competitor Caravans

There is no charge to competitors competing at the Championships who, rather than use live-in horseboxes wish to bring a caravan or camp on the showground. Competitors should indicate their intention to bring a caravan or tent on the Official Stable Form and should contact the Stable Manager upon arrival. Electric is not available for tents. Caravans or tents may not be located next to the competitor's horsebox or horse trailer.

Competitor Admission

Free admission passes to competitors are as follows:
1 x 4 day competitor wristlet per rider entered to compete
1 x 4 day competitor wristlet for additional personnel for each horse entered to compete
2 x 4 day wristlets to each non - riding owner (BD members only, registration numbers to be on Entry Form) of the horse entered to compete.

All requirements must be clearly stated on the Official Entry Form. Any replacement wristlets will be charged at the standard rates.


The famous Nationals parties are a great was to enjoy the social side of the Championships. The Espayo Welcome Party is held on the evening of Friday 20 September from 6.30pm to approximately 8pm. Woodhouse Show Party is held on the evening of Saturday 15 September from 6pm – 11pm.

Both parties will be held in the Sponsors Marquee and all are welcome!


Will be open between 3.55pm till 7.00pm on Wednesday 18 September and 6.55am till 10 minutes after the final prize giving in the main arena. Outside these times the horse walk will be closed and there will be no access to either the Competition Warm Up Arena or the General Exercise Arena. Any Competitor found abusing the access times to the warm up arenas may be asked to leave the show ground.

Arena Walk Exercise Times

All arena walk exercise times are subject to amendment, times will be posted at the Show Secretary’s Office and in the Stable Managers Office. Competitors may use arena walk exercise on any day and horses are not restricted to the day of competition. All horses must have a mounted rider and with the exception of the Para Dressage Competitors, no horses may be led, whether with or without a mounted rider.

Competition Warm Up Arena

The Competition Warm Up Arena will be available for exercise from 4.00pm on Wednesday 18 September until 7.00pm, after which it is available from 6.55am each morning until 10 minutes after the final prize giving in the main arena each day. Should, in the opinion of the arena steward, the Competition Warm Up Arena become congested the arena steward may ask Competitors not warming up for competition to relocate to the General Exercise Arena. Horses not competing at the Show may not exercise in the Competition Warm Up Arena.

General Exercise Arena

A designated General Exercise Arena will be available for use by Competitors. Access will be available for exercise from 4.00pm on Wednesday 18 September until 7.00pm, after which it is available from 6.55am each morning until 10 minutes after the final prize giving in the main arena each day.

Grass Exercise Arena

The Grass Exercise Arena (opposite the stable Manager’s Office) will be open throughout the hours of daylight. The Grass Exercise Arena is the only arena that may be used for lunging and only if the arena does not have other Competitors exercising.

Riders Lounge

The Riders Lounge is located in the stable area opposite the Stable Managers Office and will be open from 12 noon on Wednesday 18 September for snacks. Breakfast will be available from 7am – 11am on all show days, while evening meals and a licensed bar is available from 6pm – 9.30pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Official Event Photographer

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